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Student’s record book - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you accidentally poured ink in your record book, this dream states that at work you will have some difficulties in communicating with your colleagues. Most likely, the cause of tension is the superficiality of your acquaintance. Therefore, do not worry: when you get to know these people, you will sincerely regret that you were not friends with them before, and all past misunderstandings between you will be eliminated without any consequences.

A dream, as if you came to the exam and was horrified to find that the record book remained at home - it is an auspicious sign, heralding joy and unexpected but very pleasant surprise. After such dreams can safely take on any business, you will certainly succeed.

If you lost your student’s record book, in reality you have a happy ability to immediately respond to the circumstances. You are able to quickly mobilize and focus even in the most difficult situations, which helps you to overcome difficulties with honor.

Miller interpreted a completely blank record book without notes, as a quarrel or breakup of relations with the loved one. Most likely, the reason for that is your pedantry and conservatism. You are too dependent on the opinions of others, and it annoys your partner.

If you have finished a university a long time ago or you did not receive your education, but nevertheless you dreamed of a record book - it looks like you live with memories of the past and you fear in panic before tests and exams, which you face in adult life.

If you accidentally soiled your record book, it tells that you will successfully solve the problems that have bothered you for a long time. If you were solemnly handed a brand new student’s record book, in the near future be ready for responsible dialogue. If you gave it to your teacher, you will encounter some awkward situation.