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Stuffed cabbage - Meaning of Dream

To eat stuffed cabbage in a dream means to overcome indecision. If a dreamer eats stuffed cabbage with big appetite, it foretells that a dreamer will feel relief by overcoming own indecision. All long-unsolved cases will be favorably resolved.

Dreaming of a cabbage roll warns of being confused with some matter, and if in a dream the table is full with stuffed cabbage dish on plates - in reality, you will try to run a lot of affairs which have been postponed for a long time. Therefore, a person who dreamed about this should heed the warning and try to solve all deals before deadline, in order to avoid confusion.

Food is a symbol of spiritual and mental as well as physical food. Certain dishes may be associated with vivid memories. For example, stuffed cabbage is a dish that was prepared for a specific holiday, a gathering with close people - perhaps this dream can be interpreted as a lack of attention from the family. Or a dreamer should spend a little more time with own family. You should consider what kind of emotions a particular dish causes to you.

You often see food in dreams. This can be a table full of all sorts of dishes, and maybe a certain dish, for example, such as stuffed cabbage. In particular it is very important not only to pay attention to a dish but also to evaluate the sensations which you receive while eating particular food.

If you had a dream in which the stuffed cabbage was tasteless, very salty or too bitter or the taste was simply different to a real taste - it is not a very good sign, soon your business might collapse.

If you dream of a feast and you see a large group of people at the table, it foretells wealth. But if you eat your dishes alone, it is an omen of loss, mostly material.

In any case, you need to pay attention to the accompanying sensations in the process of cooking and eating. Overall, the food is a symbol of wealth and power that brings success in business, and even if the cabbage rolls indicate indecision, that is only a push for overcoming and achieving success.