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Stupidity / Nonsense - Meaning of Dream

A dream about nonsense, according to Solomon interpretation foretells acquaintance with a sage.

Committing stupid things in a dream is a sign that there is an opportunity to learn the essence of a new business.

If you see like someone else does stupid things, it heralds unexpected losses.

In a large universal dream book of Smurov, there is a very interesting interpretation of stupidity. So if in a dream you make a stupid thing and get upset because of it, in real life it can have a negative impact on the financial state. All of this will be because of your own extravagance. Perhaps, you will get trapped into unnecessary debts or your friends will borrow and never return.

Another interesting interpretation of this dream is that a person who felt stupid in a dream in the future will experience honor, glory and respect. And if you make a minor stupidity in a dream, it is possible to get a bit of wisdom in real life.

If you dream that you talk nonsense, it is a sign of a chance to show off with knowledge, and make other people notice your wit.

To be stupid in a dream means to lose some of a close relative or friend. Most likely you will have a quarrel, after which your communication will terminate.

Dreaming of a stupid man forebodes having a completely uninteresting unpleasant conversation, which will waste your time and perhaps nerves. If you speak to a fool in a dream, it heralds the appearance of flaws in your character. To agree with the fool in a dream tells that there is the risk to be deceived.

Stupid speech of other people in a dream may warn you of blindly believing to strangers. It is always worth of listening to the voice of your own mind, because there are too many people who can mislead and cheat.

There are many bad and good dream interpretations of stupidity. But do not forget that the basic interpretation means – acquaintance with the sage and wisdom.