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Stutterer - Meaning of Dream

If you stutter, in modern dream book, it is interpreted as easy time, everything develops according to the plan, so there is no need to worry or take any rash steps. If you dream that a stutterer talks to you, this dream warns: your enemies are very active and begin to annoy you. If you meet with the stammering man, this is a sign of a trouble; most likely someone will try to cheat on you, using your incompetence in some spheres.

If you dream that your child stutters; this dream may portend future complications in family life. Think about it and try to reconsider your attitude to children, they may need your support or they have something to conceal.

If you got scarred and began to stutter, it tells that you may receive unexpected news that will make you jittery. If you stutter, when talking with close people, it tells that you do not notice the person who can make you happy.

Miller interpreted a dream about stuttering as serious illness in real life. If a stranger stutters – you will suffer from your enemies’ tricks. It looks like they found your weaknesses and prepare to attack.

If you communicate with a stutterer, you will experience the excitement. If you stutter during the conversation with your loved one, this dream foretells that someone loves you, but he/she is afraid to admit it and show own feelings.

Freud stated that stuttering indicates dreamer’s shyness, which clearly visible in intimate relations. The partner can consider this shyness as selfishness and indifference by mistake, although in reality you have a quite sensual character, ready for brave love experiments.