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Sugar - Meaning of Dream


Sugar, is a symbol of life improvements.

If you see sugar in a dream, it means that soon you will be faced with unforeseen difficulties, including relationship, and family life.

Most often this dream is seen by those who loves to get envy about own loved ones, friends, and moreover, it is groundless envy. The sooner people realize that there is no envy for good reasons, the faster the relationship with family/friends will improve and everything will be back into its place.

If you eat sugar in your dream, it is a sign that in real life, on the path to the goal, you will need to "sweat." You will need to overcome a lot of difficulties, but the result will only please you.

If a person is dreaming, as if he/she is asking the seller about the price of sugar, then it is necessary to be careful. Worth analyzing own environment: enemies and competitors may be near, moreover, now they start to act.

If you dreamed of sugar in the process of cooking a meal with it, it means that you will be able to avoid impending problems. However, if the dreamer is dreaming of spilled sugar on the floor or table, then, unfortunately, you will have to go through small material losses.

The dream about sugar promises problems in the family and in a relationship that may arise due to envy of someone. Perhaps, it makes sense to work on yourself, search for the grain of envy and answer the question, whether it is worth of doing what you do.

According to the Italian downers, sugar in a dream, is a positive object. This dream means that a person in real life is lacking of positive events filled with joy and interesting experiences.

For people, born between January and April, the dream predicts a loss of feeling.

Those, who were born between May and August, see the dream about sugar, as a sign that foretells that someone will slaver. Perhaps it will be you.

For people, born between September and December, a similar dream promises to improve of living conditions.

According to Women's Dream book, dreaming of sugar symbolizes the anxiety and fatigue. Sugar in a dream also predicts difficulties in the family or the emergence of groundless envy.

When a person eats sugar in a dream, then in reality he/she will face troubles, which require serious confront. Despite the fact that sometimes it will be difficult, but only in such a way you will be able to get whatever you want.

Getting a huge amount of sugar in a dream, means that in reality you have to make considerable efforts to avoid major losses.

If sugar is scattered on the floor, you should expect problems in nonessential matters.

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