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Suit - Meaning of Dream

Actually, dreaming of a suit is not a good sign and it can portend serious losses. If you saw a man in a suit and his face was vague, it foreshadows that your business partners can betray you very soon. In this instance, it would be good to pay only with financial loss, however you risk having problems with the law. Women's costume in a dream is also a harbinger of losses. It won’t be related to the material properties, a person can lose a friend, trust, credibility and confidence.

If you saw a luxury suit, it tells that you or your family can get sick and it will ruin all the plans. If you try a suit on, it tells that you are guilty for all the misfortunes and failures that happen to you. When this occurs, it will be difficult to cope with the situation without the help of others.

If you bought a suit, but it didn’t fit you, this is a signal of frustration. A stained suit portends the acquisition of new clothes. If you dream of a new suit with a label, you will suffer a cunning plan of your enemy. Torn suit says about dissatisfaction with own appearance, figure, face or hairstyles.

If you try three-piece suit on, this dream tells that your place in life is found. A woman, after this dream, will get married in three months with a man, whom she does not love; that is why she will be unhappy in marriage. For the student, this is a good dream, foretelling that he/she will demonstrate proper knowledge at exam. Sports suit tells that you can freely express own feelings and abilities.

If you try a suit on, the dream tells that you will be trapped in a complicated situation; and you shouldn’t rely on the assistance of friends, because they will turn their backs at you.

A man in woman's suit will have losses. If you see a jacket, be ready for a business meeting, which will influence your social status and financial well-being. If you saw a dream with a sexy costume for role-playing games, it heralds a change of mood and weakness.