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Summer cottage - Meaning of Dream

Summer cottage is a controversial symbol that can mean trouble as well as pleasant chores, dating, news and acquisitions.

For example, for people with tough character such a dream can mean difficult conversation or even a conflict.

For those, who work a lot it means a new work task that will take much of time and effort.

The meaning of a dream with summer cottage depends on the full picture/plot of a dream.

Modern dream interpretation says that if you live in the country cottage in summer, you will soon fulfill your heart's desires. Also you will have the time which you can spend on own thoughts, you will stay alone and organize your inner world.

If a young girl dreamed of summer cottage, in upcoming future she will be lucky in relationship with someone she loves.

The person who has own business should pay attention to a dream in which he/she buys a cottage, because it means that in the near future it is better not to make any deals, as it can be unsuccessful and ineffective.

But if you sell the cottage, be ready that soon you will receive an offer of a decent post, and you will experience fast career growth.

If you work a lot on the garden beds of your summer cottage, be careful in relationships with loved ones. Such a dream promises you quarrels, scandals and controversies with close people.

If you build a cottage, it means that you are on the right track, in particular in the personal sphere.

If you happen to be in your summer cottage in a dream, you will meet new people, the acquaintance with which will be useful for you.

But if you find yourself in the cottage of a stranger, it means that upcoming acquaintances will not bring you any pleasure.

To repair own summer cottage or help someone is a good sign, you will spend future evenings in a pleasant company.