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Summer - Meaning of Dream

The summer is a symbol of prosperity. The summer is a wonderful, warm, and nice season; therefore if you dreamed of the summer, you can expect only good news and events. But depending on the small details that can clarify the dream, the interpretation tells and gives more information than simply a bright future.

If you dreamed of this warm season in snowy winter, it is worth of checking e-mail or phone, very soon you will receive an important message that will surprise, amaze and please.

The summer with its various manifestations: in the form of flowers, bright sun, walking on the beach and the endless green field forebodes changes in life. You will open new horizons with the help of useful influential friends and support of loved ones.

If you dreamed of the summer with warm rain and a rainbow, it tells that your energy will be recuperated; you can start a new business, study, or have a new post. All undertakings, even risky, will be demonstrated on the winning side. Victory awaits the dreamer who saw a rainbow.

If you dream of summer in the warmer months, it foreshadows that your friends will invite you to a merry picnic or party. Do not refuse, everything will be fine, the company is easy to communicate with, the time will pass very fast and you will have a lot of pleasant impressions.

Summer in a dream always means an unusual combination of circumstances, which fate prepares for a dreamer. In those days you should help a loved one, pay attention to the poor and the elderly. Helping them, you will draw thousand times more luck. It is necessary not to forget about the parents, you need to visit them, help them with money or just a kind word. They will become the partakers of your happiness and will increase it.

If you dreamed of the early summer: emerald, tender leaves and cool day, it symbolizes good luck and cash receipts. Hot days at the beginning of the summer with wilted young leaves portend sadness, and significant amounts of waste. If you suffer from heat, in reality you will face sad events and attacks of hidden enemies.

The end of the summer with yellow falling leaves reflects the bleak days in reality; you will lose love and luck in business.

If a young lady dreams that her wedding is scheduled for August, it forebodes that she will suffer separation from her lover in reality.

And if you dream of ice or snow in the summer, the dream predicts the quarrel with a close friend.

This dream is a good omen for farmers – they will have good harvest; for military men, this is a herald of a successful campaign.