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Sun - Meaning of Dream

The sun is a symbol of success and prosperity. In the dream, watching the bright sunrise, heralds prosperity in business and success in life. There will be good times in your life, which will last for long if you do everything correct and follow the right direction. The sun is the epitome of goodness and decency, which means pleasant assistants and life without enemies.

If you see high sun, it is a sign of the satisfaction of ambition and limitless possibilities. So if you see such dream, your body shows the need to develop, improve own potential, which will help to achieve unprecedented heights. Most importantly, you must remember that nothing is impossible and you even can reach the sun.

Sunset in a dream warns that now you need to be more vigilant in your actions in life, because the peak of prosperity has already passed, and there is a huge risk of losing everything you have earned. Dream interpretation by Miller treats the sun in the dream as a sign of success and fortune, which will leave you together with the sunset.

If you see the bright sun through the clouds it is a good dream, portending luck. You will be able to manage all the troubles and difficulties, and leave them in the past. There will be a successful start of new business ahead, and development of a loving relationship.

If you dream that the sun is covered with clouds completely, and you can barely see it only in some spots, the dream book by Miller gives such interpretation: it is time, when your life will be filled with troubles, however, you will be able to solve them quickly, and good times will come again. New period in life will bring significant improvements in personal life and in business relationships. But, if you give up during a difficult period, the troubles will appear and develop with a new force, and then you might lose everything which you had an exhausting struggle for.

If you see the sun in the sky in a bright day, and there is not a single cloud, such dream portends a successful acquaintance with the young man, who will later offer his hand. For men, this dream promises a romantic relationship, but it won’t transform into serious relationship.

If you see the sun behind the clouds, for men it portends an upcoming meeting with a woman, whom he didn’t see for a long-long time, but had a great desire to meet her.

If you see the sun in a dream, and at the same time it is raining, it means that soon your life will change for better, and luck will accompany you in many spheres.

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