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Suntan - Meaning of Dream

Suntan is a symbol of the new opportunities, change of the type of activity.

There are a few dream-books, which differently interpret the dreams about tan. Modern dream book interprets a dream about tanning, for men as new opportunities; for women as a bad sign foretelling deprivation of assistance, which they strongly hoped for. It is not excluded, that she will experience meanness on the part of others.

According to Dream Interpretation book of Housewives, if you dream of suntan gotten on the beach, it foretells the coming luck, and all the hardships and worries will be left behind.

If during the sunbathing, the sun disappears from time to time behind the clouds, and then appears again, it bodes that your serenity can be overshadowed by upcoming events, but it will not last long. The same as the sun your troubles will disappear.

If you sunbathe naked in a lonely deserted place – do not expect anything good. If you hoped for someone’s help, that person will fail to do that and will disappoint you; so you will be left absolutely without support in a hopeless situation. Moreover, the situation can be overshadowed by domestic troubles or diseases.

According to dream book of summer dreams, a dream about suntan can be a herald of sores on the body, but only in case if a dreamer sees very smooth and beautiful tan. Autumn dreams about the tan on your body portend rainy weather. In spring such a dream portends possible dirty work.

If you get your suntan in solarium, this is an omen of plans changing. If you see a solarium in autumn, it tells that you will finally rest and relax.

A dream about solarium in spring indicates high expenses that will be useful for health.