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SUV (SubUrban Vehicle) - Meaning of Dream

SUV as a big and status car shows your luck in matters and stability in all types of business. If you are selling your SUV, it is a premonition of upcoming destruction, serious financial expenditure or failure at work.

If you buy a SUV, it is a harbinger of easy regain of own position/status. Perhaps in the future there may be some problems, but they will be resolved thanks to your efforts. This dream indicates that everything is fixable, yet you need to calm down and pull yourself together.

If you drive a SUV – be ready for illness or loss. If you fall out of it on the go, it is a harbinger of unpleasant turn of events.

According to Miller’s dream book, if you drive own SUV in a dream, it foretells you a sense of superiority over others, as well as own success and strength. However, your actions are likely to be subject to unfair condemnation from colleagues. If a woman is driving a SUV, it demonstrates her restraint with respect to own fans, and the feeling of self-confidence. When a SUV breaks, it signals of possible unpleasant events that can "shake" your well-being.

In Freud’s dream book, if you see yourself behind the wheel of SUV, it indicates your complexes that interfere with sexual life. If you repair a SUV, it is an expression of an extremely strong desire to have intimate relationships. If you take care of own SUV, it represents your pride with own success, satisfaction, physical fitness and health.

If you see a cross-country vehicle, it means that you want to act because you know more than other people. In order to do that, you are ready to move mountains and take on the world.

If you are inside a cross-country vehicle, it means that all your troubles and difficulties are only your fault. You will find the way out only with own efforts.