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Swallow - Meaning of Dream

Swallow is a symbol of spring, it is a symbol of new life and renewal. You should carefully interpret the dream about a swallow.

Swallow in the dreams is seen as a prognostic of rain. If you walk around and see in your dream a large flock of swallows, it means that rain can last all day, and sometimes more.

One swallow, which you saw in a dream, as a rule is a sign of short rain.

For a young girl, dreaming of a swallow means to receive good news, sometimes even news about marriage. Young girls should know very precisely why they see dreams with swallows.

If a swallow is seen in a dream by a boy, it means that he will have some new discoveries, which will help him to become a leader, as the swallow is one of the first birds, which return to us after the winter.

Dreaming of a swallow bird building a nest, it means to be able to solve problems that are related to housing, and the solution will be positive and profitable for you.

For people of older age, dreaming of a swallow, means a speedy release from sickness or fresh good news from children.

Swallow that feeds the chicks in the dreams, as a rule, seen by those people who expect their family to increase in number.

The dream in which swallow teaches the chicks to fly portends that soon your distant relatives will come to visit you and will bring a lot of nice gifts.

If you see the dream in which a swallow flies away for the winter, it means that you should be prepared for bad news.

Swallow that flew into your house in the dream, means upcoming resolution of problems at home, and those who plan to move to another country will successfully change their place of living.

For young people, this dream is primarily the sign of good news.

So you should be very careful about the interpretation of dreams. Do not neglect the deciphering of dreams, because all knowledge is passed from generation to generation.

According to Freud, swallow is a symbol of change in your intimate life.

No matter what is your attitude towards the problems of psychoanalysis, you must remember that the concept of Freud gives each of us full and thorough knowledge.

The theory of the great professor is of great interest because it is based on practical data that humanity did not possess before Freud.

Freud's Dream book significantly expands the boundaries of modern psychoanalytic experience. The process of dream interpretation helps to identify hidden unconscious motives, leading to disorders.

With the help of this treatment it is usually possible to give a reliable opinion on the internal conflicts that have caused problems of human nature, and effectively interpret them.

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