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Swamp - Meaning of Dream

Swamp seen in a dream is a hint to get yourself together and begin to act. Your life must be filled with a meaning, as fate doesn’t give gifts to lazy and immature people; it seeks for dedicated people with an active lifestyle.

If you happened to be in a swamp that slowly but steadily sucks you in, it means that you need to act spontaneously. In reality, you will encounter a unique chance, one in a million, don’t miss it. The fate gives you a great opportunity, so you need to catch your lucky star.

Sometimes a dream about a swamp can predict chaos in business.

If you realized the consequences but still stepped into a muddy swamp mud, this dream bodes trouble for women.

If you fell into a swamp and have a panic fear of drowning, it means that you will easily get rid of the trouble.

If you drowned in the mud of a swamp, you are in a serious danger. Remember one thing: in real life and in dreams it is extremely difficult to get out of the swamp, so if you managed to do this, after awakening you will safely cope with a most difficult obstacles, while maintaining the dignity and sense of humor.

Walking on footpaths on a swamp in Miller’s dream book is interpreted as upcoming very unpleasant situation. You will experience disappointment with people you love and the expected inheritance will turn to be a fiction.

If you see green mounds and clear puddles, it means that after gaining success you will behave more cautiously and with restraint in order not to ruin own reputation.

If you found yourself in the middle of a swamp, you will ignore an obligation. If you see other people in the swamp, it is a sign of chagrin and diseases.

Swamp in Freud’s dream book means that you have relations with a person who can’t make you happy. Perhaps, due to your weak character you can not break up, and relationships with this person draw you in. You are probably scared of the thought to be lonely, you are afraid not to find a new partner, so struggled and suffer in present relation.