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Swan - Meaning of Dream

A swan symbolizes loyalty and well-being. If you dream of many swans, it is a favorable sign, which causes positive emotions.

Swans in a dream foreshadow well-being in the family; or if you do not have family yet, they forebode that soon you will have it.

If the swans are rowing towards you, it bodes that the happiness of family life is around the corner. If a young unmarried girl dreams of a swan, it portends the acquaintance with a guy who would be her companion for life.

For boys, the dreams about swans also portend the beginning of family life, which will be long and happy.

If a married woman sees a dream about a couple of beautiful white swans indicates that her marriage is successful and soon she will become a happy mother of a cute baby. Besides, her family life will improve and long and happy life with her husband is guaranteed.

For older people, a dream about swans portends good news that will cause a lot of pleasant emotions.

Swans seen by children are a very good sign portending new opportunities in life and, in addition, the ability to achieve everything very easily.

If you dream of a black swan that rows to you, it denotes that you have a secret admirer, whom you underestimate and therefore do not notice, but he/she is the best partner for you at the moment.

A dreaming of a dead swan portends separation, which will cause a lot of suffering. A beautiful swan rowing with its offspring symbolizes the addition to the family of your closest friends.

A flock of swans that land on the water after flying foretells possible shock that will help you reevaluate own views on life.

Hissing swans forebode quarrels with your lover. Try to refrain from harsh comments about your partner at these days and do not reply to caustic remarks.

Swans rowing away portend changes that will happen in your life.