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Sweetheart / Lover - Meaning of Dream

If a man sees an attractive and friendly girl and knows that she is sweetheart - this man will have a happy marriage. If a beloved one in his dream is surly and unsympathetic, perhaps sullen or even gloomy, it means that a man has made a wrong choice; a girl or a young woman with whom he spends his time now, will get him bored long before he decides to connect their lives.

To see a sick sweetheart, who is pale with painful grimace, means that marriage of a dreamer can’t be called happy; at the beginning there will be few days of happiness, but then long years of anguish will begin; charm will pass quickly, and both will realize that they do not fit together, but they will not dare not break the relationship.

To dream of a dead sweetheart, foretells that fairly long period of time you will be bothered by different doubts; it will be hard for you to make a decision; your business will decline.

For a woman dreaming of a lover, who is wearing black and looking at her reproachfully and sad signifies of cooling down of friendly feelings.

If you dance in a dream with your sweetheart, it portends that in real life you will draw attention of many men. To see a beloved dancing with another girl means that only moderation and considerate behavior can bring you the desired success.

To weigh your sweetheart on the scales in a dream portends that you will show dignity, and most importantly demonstrate sincerity and devotion.

For a young person to see her lover growing old is a harbinger of possible loss and separation. If you see how you send him off to war, it foreshadows that you will learn his negative sides.

If he treats you with exotic fruits – then in reality he will try to completely subjugate you to his influence.

If you wait for your sweetheart on a green lawn, it foretells that your aspirations of wealth and advantageous marriage will be fulfilled.

If you see him being sick or suffering some disease, it bodes that joys and sorrows will rotate in endless stream in your family life.

To see him dead - soon your life will be full of misfortunes and doubts which will last long.

If in a dream your lover gives you a pearl, it portends that a loving and faithful groom will completely withstand jealousy, considering it to be a destructive force; for married women this dream foretells a lot of fun and a variety of pleasures.

If a sweetheart is wearing prisoner clothing, you will have reasons to doubt the truth of his love to you.

A dreaming as if your lover plays cards indicates his dubious intentions towards you.

If he glances at you unkind - you will be threatened with the loss of reputation.

If he seems to be very sweet and gallant in a dream, it foretells you a fast and successful marriage.

In a dream your sweetheart relaxes in a rocking chair, you will experience an earthly paradise.

If he is wearing clothing with laces, it is a sign of love and faithfulness, improving of your position in society.

Standing on a porch with your lover reflects your secret doubts about his decency.

If you consider him to be a liar - better watch yourself, because your behavior can result in the loss of a best friend.

In a dream he takes drugs, explaining that he is disappointed in life, it foretells failures in future and the loss of a friend.

Dinner in a company of beloved is a harbinger of a big quarrel. If he hugs you - it is also a herald of a quarrel or disease. If you hug him with a feeling of overflowing joy, a dream foretells you happiness.

For a woman to see her sweetheart suffering from paralysis means that dissatisfaction in the relationship can destroy her happiness.

To walk inside in a mysterious cave together with a lover bodes that you'll love a dishonest person.

If you kiss your lover in the darkness, it portends danger and flirtation with others; if you do it in the light you do not even give him a reason to cast a doubt on your love. If you see that he kisses with your rival - you are in danger of losing the respect of your sweetheart.