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Swindler - Meaning of Dream

In the modern dream book there are several interpretations for the dreams about swindlers. Depending on the circumstances of the dream and actions performed by a swindler, the dreamer can find the proper interpretation to the definite dream.

So if you are a swindler in a dream and you plan to commit some crime, this night vision warns you against some actions in real life that deserve not only blame, but also more serious punishment. In the near future, you should be prudent, as greed and self-interest can force you to forget about the consequences and own reputation.

If a young girl had a dream in which your sweetheart is a rogue, in reality she will have to go through a tough test. Her boyfriend is far from ideal, he is an egoist, who primarily cares about own well-being. The guy can act unworthy in public and resort to humiliation of his girlfriend in front of others.

If in a dream you happened to catch a rogue, in fact, you have committed a rash act, which resulted in significant cash expenditures that can’t be avoided. But there is a consolation: you will not make the same mistakes anymore.

Miller interpreted rouge in a dream as a decision to make unworthy act, which will make dreamer’s friends and relatives be worried.

For a woman, the dreaming of her husband as a rogue, portends that she will suffer because of his neglect and contempt.