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Swing - Meaning of Dream

A swing is a symbol of impermanence and variability. If you swing in a playground with a sweetheart, it bodes that you will suffer a strong jealousy. If you swung too much and you are afraid of the gained height, this dream tells that you take on many responsibilities at work. You feel that you can’t deal with this burden and everyday it becomes more and more difficult. Also the meaning of this dream offers you to make a responsible choice when dealing with important issues. If you swing a baby, get ready for pleasant events in upcoming future.

According to Miller, a swing shows your indecision. This feature of character is the main obstacle on the way to the goal. Sometimes a swing is a prediction that lately you often think about the reason for being. If you swing in a dream, it states that you have at least two fans who dream to connect their lives with you. You also have to make a very difficult choice.

If you sat on a swing in a brown study, this dream tells that you are concerned about the behavior of one of your family members (husband, wife or child), the actions of this person seem to be unpredictable and hard to control. If you see your child swinging, in reality you will be pleased with their talent and diligence.

Vanga believed that swinging in a dream signals of uncertain position, which is unchangeable for quite a long time. If you try to stop the strong swaying, it tells that in reality you often perform impulsive acts. Hasty decisions and rash actions can cause you a lot of harm.

If you fell off the swing, this is a forerunner of serious problems in the professional sphere. It is possible that your career will be under a serious threat.