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Sword - Meaning of Dream


A dream, in which the sword is hanging in the sheath on the wall, is a sign that the dreamer should not undertake any active measures now. It is better to stand back and observe how the situation is going to develop. If you see the dream in which a sword falls down from the wall, it means that you have to be prepared for future troubles.

If you are able to injure your sworn enemy with a sword in a dream, it means that in reality you will win over the enemies using stealth and brilliant mind.

To put a sword in sheath means your desire for peace and quiet existence. If you remove a sword from its scabbard, it means that you will experience a fiery passion.

If you feel that your weapon is very heavy in a dream, it means that in real life you feel sorry for your detractors. But beware, excessive kindness may lead to your defeat.

In the dream you see yourself sharpening a sword - it foretells good luck in business and in personal life. If a woman takes a sword it means that soon she will give birth to a boy.

As a rule, a dream in which there is a sword means the human desire for generosity, truthfulness, unselfishness. In reality, the dreamer is ready to sacrifice himself/herself for the sake of protection of truly dear people. Depending on the plot of a dream, the prediction can vary, and give different omens. Thus, a dream with a sword, in general, symbolizes the willingness to engage in battle, not necessarily physical.

If you dream of waving a sword inanely, it signals of your cowardice in real life.

Dreaming of a broken sword in a battle means that you don’t posses a character hard enough. Severe life tests can completely sit loosely on you.

If you drop a sword from your hands because of enemy’s strike, it means that you are not too confident in your own abilities and show a serious lack of confidence in business.

If in a dream you see like someone is throwing a sword between you and your friends, it means that in reality there are circumstances that could separate even true friends.

If you are unarmed and someone attacks you in your dream with a sword in his/her hand, it is a sign that you are going to discover your previously unknown talents.

Often, a dream about sword is filled with erotic overtones. If a dreamed sword looks great, it means that sexual male energy is at its peak. If a sword is covered with rust and nicks, it is likely that the dreamer has disease of the reproductive system of which he may not even surmise. Broken sword symbolizes the lack of potency.

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