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Tadpoles - Meaning of Dream


For a woman, to see tadpoles swimming in the clean clear water, it means an acquaintance with rich but unscrupulous man. The woman should be very careful while having relations with such a person. Most likely he will just use her for own benefits, and after all she will suffer great humiliation.

Not a good sign for woman if tadpoles are swimming in muddy water. This is a warning that her romantic lover will bring a lot of grief, after she decides to cast in lot with him. They will plan a marriage, but at the last moment he will break up with her. It is a sign that it is better, to pay closer attention to the person which you choose for your life.

If you see a lot of tadpoles, frolicking in the water, it means that you will break the law in order to achieve financial gain. Probably in the near future you will be able to manage an adventurous deal.

If you dream that you were engaged in catching tadpoles, in reality your desire to run after two hares will lead to quite predictable consequences. Namely, while you are distracted by trivia, you waste your resources and your basic plan remains unfulfilled.

If you observe how tadpoles become frogs, it is a very good sign. This is a prediction that your children will achieve stunning success.

Tadpoles in the dream book of Miller. For the business person, to see tadpoles in a dream, it is the prediction that his unscrupulousness and willingness to manage any transaction will result in an adverse outcome.

If a girl sees a tadpole through the clear water, it means that she will have an intimate relationship with a man not worthy of her. Most likely, he will be rich, but dishonest.

Tadpoles in Freud's dream book. Tadpoles floating in the water is a symbol of fertility. It is a sign of conception, delivery and children indeed. Therefore, if the dreamer sees floating tadpoles in large quantities, it is a serious assumption that he/she is thinking about getting an offspring.

If in such dream, the dreamer carefully examines/observes tadpoles for a long time, it means that the dreamer is a responsible person, and prepares for a baby well.

To catch a tadpole that swam in natural water, and put it into some tight container like a jar, it means that your care for children exceeds all reasonable limits.

If the dreamer catches tadpoles from the water and throwing them to the ground, it means that he/she will be a very bad parent. The correct solution would be to postpone the conceiving of a child.

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