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Tangerine - Meaning of Dream

Tangerine is a symbol of false perception of reality, when the situation in the eyes of a person is seen very differently than it is in reality. Vanga said that such dreams can help a person to understand his/her inner word and the surrounding environment.

So, if in a dream you are eating a tangerine, it is a sign that in reality the situation is much more complicated and serious than you could have imagined. In this case, you should only blame your excessive credulity in relation to other people. Therefore it is necessary to percept the events with own point of view, and not with someone else's; you need to learn how to think and reason independently.

If you treat a small child with a tangerine in a dream, it is a warning. In a short time you will make such a decision, which in the eyes of others will be perceived differently than in yours. So you should think before deciding on another step in your life. Otherwise, a lot of people can simply turn away from you.

For a woman, if she dreamed of tangerines, this means that her spouse veils some events of his life. Therefore, most likely, she needs to pay a closer look to him, devote more time, affection and love than ever before.

If you dream of a tree with tangerine fruits it is a good sign. For people in love, it means that their relationship will be harmonious and people will understand each other. For a woman, the dream about tangerine tree promises a possible pregnancy.

For all other people, such dream Vanga explained as a beginning of a good life span, which will bring success, prosperity, and wellbeing. The same meaning has the dream in which you see a tangerine tree in blossom.

If a housewife buys tangerines, it means that successful and auspicious days will come soon. If you sell tangerines, then you will be lucky in your endeavors. If you gather tangerines you will take care of a sick or weak person. Modern dream interpretation says that if you see tangerines in a dream, then soon some guests will come into your house.

If you dream that you eat tangerines, you will be deceived, so you should not trust others. For a woman, this dream can mean cheating of her husband.

If you dream that you crush tangerine and see juice flowing out of it, then you should be ready for some troubles.

If you dream that you are buying rotten tangerines, it means that you should beware of deception.

If you feel the smell of tangerines in a dream, it means that you are tires of the monotonous life and you need to change something.

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