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Tank - Meaning of Dream


Tank seen in the dream, is a sign of compromise that will help to navigate unpleasant conflicts. It is a symbol of physical strength, vigor, and certain changes.

To drive in the tank in a dream, is a good sign. But if you head it towards the civilian population, you should be cautious in the coming days, there are possible unpleasant affairs.

Interpretation of such dream may be different, most important is to remember what was the behavior of a tank, and where was the dreamer in such dream.

It is considered to be a good dream in which the dreamer himself rides this transport. This dream foretells courage, confidence, as well as control over the situation.

There is also another interpretation about what the tank means in the dream. So if the tank is directed to the crowd of people or is driven in a tranquil town, it portends some trouble. In this case, there is possible occurrence of certain social or political changes that will incur potential adverse effects and consequences.

If you see the dream in which a person is stuck in the tank, it predicts some difficulties, of which it would be difficult to get out.

If the tank is heading onto you, pursues and tries to scare, then you should beware of certain dangers. Maybe after this dream you will have some misunderstandings in personal relationships with your loved one.

Tank in a dream can mean the fear of the future. If a person runs away from the tank, it means that he/she is afraid of something, but can’t even understand what it is and does not know how to behave in such a situation.

If you see yourself in a tank in military uniform, it is a symbol of your climb up the career ladder. But there are other interpretations of the same dream; it is related to your character.

Often the dream where you dress in a tunic or other uniforms, detects your duplicity. You are trying to wear “a new face”, look different than it really is.

For women, military uniform, foretells acquaintance with a man, who is serving in army and is a military man indeed.

If you dream, as someone suggests you to try any attribute of military uniform, it means that you have the honor to occupy a higher position in society and to reach a new destination at work.

To see yourself in the ranks, dressed according to the ordinance, surrounded by colleagues, means that you should take a closer look to friends and acquaintances. Perhaps some of them are not very trustworthy people, or vice versa, those who are worthy of your attention.

If you see that only you are dressed in the uniform and sit on the tank, it shows that your attitude towards other people and attitude towards you is not equal. You try to be loyal and tolerant person, while others see it as your weakness and do not like you because of this.

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