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Teacher - Meaning of Dream

The image of a teacher in your dream is totally a good sign, which is connected with your emotional state. Regarding the meaning of this symbol, you can change some circumstances in your life and achieve internal tranquility.

* A teacher in your dream signifies that you need to talk to somebody about some burning question and get some advice. Probably now you’re going through entirely new period in your life where there are still no answers to too many questions and you need guidance. To gain more confidence in yourself you are seeking for an approval. It also proves the correctness of a chosen way and taken decisions. If you have some doubts about them, let this dream drift them away.

* If there’s a dancing teacher in your dream, it implies that you’re light-headed about serious affairs and waste too much time on entertainments. The time to become a grown-up has come. Think seriously about the future and the chosen path in your life. Learn to make decisions and be responsible for them!

* You must be glad being a teacher yourself in your dream because it means that you possess huge potential and thirst for knowledge and skills. It distinguishes you from all other people. With such ambitions you have great chances to succeed soon. Let this dream trigger this process! Don’t put on airs, don’t relax! Find the way to fulfill your potential and experience. Your efforts won’t be in vain eventually!

* If you’re seeing an old school teacher in your dream and realize that you miss him/her and those school times, it denotes that you are ready to turn a current page in your life over and start a new one. It’s time for you to move forward. Look back only for recollecting pleasant moments. If there’s some offer or opportunity which can change your life in a good way, don’t waste it. Remember that you’re ready for it!

* If you’re a teacher surrounded by pupils, it may reflect your loneliness and necessity to talk to somebody about what disturbs you. Get closer with your old friends. You really need them. Don’t push them away. If you have some problems or dilemmas to solve, they can give you a useful advice.

The symbol of a teacher in your dreams points at some difficulties in your emotional state – a need for advice, a wish to pour out your heart, a desire to fill your knowledge lacunas, beginning a new life being wonderfully smart. But all those difficulties are easy to solve! Try to correct them and things will sort themselves.

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