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Teaspoon - Meaning of Dream

According to a modern dream book, a teaspoon in a dream foretells the arrival of guests, big expenses or problems with stomach. If you dream of two golden teaspoons, the dream bodes that you will have a happy marriage.

Aesop interpreted a teaspoon as a symbol of rest. If your friend brings you a spoon, the dream bodes some misunderstanding and controversy with a person whom you host at your house.

A dream, in which your father hits your forehead with a spoon in front of the whole family, tells that you will be greatly honored by your relatives in reality; you may stand out among the rest, because you will be asked to do something important and special.

If you use a small teaspoon to drink something out of a big cup, it indicates that in reality you try to control everything; however, now you should get ready for unfavorable stage of life, when you will be powerless.

If someone invited you for a dinner and served a lot of food on the table, but you have only a teaspoon in your hand, in real life you need to beware of empty promises and hopes. In other words, it is better not to trust people who talk a lot and do nothing.

According to erotic dream book, a teaspoon predicts success in love: soon you will feel admiration and adoration from others. You should use this moment to improve your personal life.

Dirty teaspoons indicate your desire to show off and attract attention in reality, but actually there is a risk to face undisguised hostility; that's why you have to be restrained. Only in this case, after some time, luck will visit you again.

If you eat something with a teaspoon, the dream signifies that because of your forgetfulness and absentmindedness, you may run into a lot of troubles. In addition, the dream advises to give way to your partner in intimate relationships.

In many dream books a teaspoon is a symbol of good luck, happiness and health. If in a dream a spoon is too small, it means that in real life you are grateful for small favours.

If you wash a teaspoon, you may face gossips; and sometimes it bodes the birth of a boy.

Thus, a teaspoon in a dream is interpreted differently depending on the situation and the actions that accompany the dream.