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Teeth - Meaning of Dream


Teeth in your dream reflect your state of health. If you’re seeing white, beautiful and even teeth in your dream, it signifies that you shouldn’t worry about catching some diseases. You have sound health. Your strong immune system will reject dangerous viruses. Such good news doesn’t mean that you may sit back and do nothing. Continue taking precautionary measures to maintain yourself in a good shape. Without your efforts the chances of preserving a strong organism are practically nil. On the contrary, seeing ugly, unhealthy and carious teeth in a dream is a sign to take more care of your health (a dream in which your teeth are cracking has the same meaning). Apply to a doctor if you feel bad. Also, you shouldn’t forget about the basic rules how to maintain your health on a decent level. You should sleep at least 7 hours per day; wear special glasses, take vitamins or drip eye drops if your activity is connected with computers; take vacations; lead an active lifestyle (especially, if your work is mostly a sitting one); eat well; etc. Working head off usually affects your professional achievements in a good way but not your health.

If in your dream you’ve lost your teeth, it warns you against a lingering illness in the future. Don’t be depressed! You’ll fight it after a course of treatment. Such a dream also means that you need some rest because you are pretty exhausted.

Seeing that you’re losing your teeth in a dream indicates that your arrogance will hinder you on your way to success and happiness. Come down to earth, you are like everybody else. Don’t ever put your interests higher than anybody else’s. You must be respectful towards everybody even if you don’t like him/her.

Admiring beauty and whiteness of your teeth in your dream forebodes happiness and success. You’ll finally gain (or at least approach) your goal.

A person is usually confused if he/she is losing his/her teeth, he doesn’t know what is happening. The same is in waking life: a person should beware of delicate situations in which he/she may become embarrassed and save his/her face.

If you’re seeing that you are pulled out a bad tooth in your dream, it is a favorable sign. It implies that you shouldn’t worry about unsolvable problems. Take them easy. If it is not in your competence to smooth them away, why to push a panic button. Consider it as a sign of fate. Also, such a dream may denote that soon you’ll turn down a person who annoys you. Finally, calmness will come.

If someone else has lost his/her tooth/teeth in your dream, it shows that you take care of this person subconsciously and want to protect him/her.

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