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Telephone - Meaning of Dream


If a person in a dream is talking on the phone with relatives, it portends fast separation from loved ones. They might leave briefly, on vacation, at sea or in another country. But it is also possible that the relatives will leave forever.

If a man dreams that he is talking on the phone, it portends him shortly positive changes in career. This may be an increase in wages, transfer to another, higher-paying position, closer to the boss, and so on. You should not take these changes for granted. Perhaps they will be the completion of your successive efforts in a professional field, but even in this case, they should be seen as a reward. It is possible that a man dreaming of talking on the phone in real life will soon have to take a very important decision. It may relate to both the working moments of professional activities and personal life (family relationships). Therefore it is necessary to reject all extraneous things and come to a decision with all the responsibility.

It is important to remember that the phone, it's a mean of communication, which helps to maintain contact with the person. But such contact is limited and people do not see each other, but only hear. This makes it impossible to communicate visually. Therefore, a dream in which there is a conversation on the phone foreshadows the following events. If a person in a dream talking on the phone, it promises big distance from loved ones. Perhaps a relationship with them will not spoil completely, but the feeling of understatement, misunderstandings will occur. For example, it can be expressed in the form of a small conflict with the husband or wife, children or parents, a brother or sister. In this case, psychologists advise to spend some time alone, take a short break in the relationship. This will help to weigh the situation, put everything in its place. The result of such a break would be the improvement of relations, close people will begin to appreciate and respect each other. The main thing is to extend this state as long as possible, because you can’t isolate yourself very often: it can play a low-down trick with you. After all, it is believed that if people see each other less, they wean from each other more.

If the telephone conversation is seen in the dream by a young girl, it portends her fast meeting with her future husband. Even if at the moment she is already in a relationship with a young man, it is possible that not far off she will find a new relationship, more serious, more durable. However, it all depends on the girl herself, and on what decision she will make: stay with her boyfriend or try her luck with other.

If a child in a dream is talking on the phone, it means that in the near future he/she will have a lack of communication with peers. Perhaps his/her best friend will move to another city or classmates will no longer accept him/her in the company. But the child shouldn’t worry about it, because the best friend, is a family. And in such a situation, the family will come up with help.

If older people dream that they are talking on the phone, it promises them a quick meeting with childhood friends.

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