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Telescope - Meaning of Dream


A dream in which you see a telescope, located at your home, means that your family and romantic relationships are not about to experience the best time, constant quarrels and insults will disrupt harmony in communication with loved ones.

If the telescope was at your workplace or in the office in a dream, probably you will face unexpected difficulties at work or an important transaction will fail.

If you dream of a broken or wrecked telescope, it is a bad sign, this dream promises a lot of trouble and complications in affairs. The usual course of your life will be permanently broken by turmoil and unpleasant troubles that cause you a lot of excitement and anxiety. If in your dream you watch the starry sky through a telescope, this indicates that soon you will have the opportunity to go on an exciting journey, which you always dreamed of. However, if you go on vacation, your financial condition will worsen substantially, during a trip you will have to spend a lot more money than you originally planned.

Telescope in the dream book by Miller. If you dreamed of telescope, it is a warning of imminent problems in all areas of your life. The dream about the telescope means that you will encounter unexpected difficulties at work and in everyday affairs, and your irritability and bad mood will cause constant quarrels with your loved one. Dreaming of a broken telescope, is also a bad sign, it shows small but extremely unpleasant problems that will arise at almost every turn. After a short time all the troubles will be solved, but you will feel its effects for a long time. The dream in which you saw, as if you were looking at the stars and planets through a telescope means that you will go to an interesting journey and get a lot of pleasant emotions and impressions. However, after the completion of a fun trip, you will experience some financial difficulties.

Very bright stars, seen in a dream, foretell a lot of happiness to a dreamer, as well as dedication and mutual love. In case you see very dim stars through telescope in the dream, it is a sign of a serious danger. Evening Star seen in telescope is a sign of unrequited love because of stupid things. If you see many stars and not just one in the sky, it means that very soon you will get some happy news.

In case you see a bright star through the telescope, it's a very good dream, which says that soon there will be a period of prosperity and wealth in your life.

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