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Temptation - Meaning of Dream

If you resist the temptation in a dream, it is a good omen, yet if you succumb to it - in the real life, you will face gossips. Tempted, being married, you will be punished for illegal deeds in real life. For a woman, such a dream portends trouble because of her bad temper.

In Miller’s dream book, if you feel the desire to betray, you may be accused of misconduct, and unlawful acts. For a woman, this dream foretells a breakup of relations with her husband; she won’t be able to salvage a marriage and will take it out on the partner.

If you were tempted by a friend of your lover, it tells that you will experience indifference of a husband. Tempting of a youngster, foretells a risk of divorce, which will be provoked by your thoughtless acts and behavior. Succumbing to temptation is a bad omen; resisting the temptation - an auspicious dream. If you betray a close person because of temptation, in real life you will also have to lie. If on contrary, your loved one betrayed you, it tells that you are too naive and gullible, so people used to betray your trust.

If a married man did not resist the temptation and betrayed his loved one, it bodes that he may be ashamed in front of many people. If you repent that you succumbed to the temptation, it tells that you are not satisfied with the present state of affairs, so you will try to change the situation by all means.

According to Vanga, if you didn’t resist the temptation and drank spring water, this dream symbolizes spiritual cleansing and forgiveness. If you drank dirty muddy liquid, it is a warning that you are ready for anything for the sake of pleasure.

According to Freud, if you succumb to temptation, this dream will come to reality. Even if at this stage there is no fact of betrayal, you have nurtured the idea of unfaithfulness. If you want to hide the fact of treason, you will still have the sense of remorse. If you admit the fact of betrayal, your relationships won’t be as cloudless as before.

If your loved one succumbed to temptation, in reality you are plagued by unfounded doubts and suspicions. It is better just to talk with a partner and dispel all doubts away to restore peace and trust in your relationship.