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Tent - Meaning of Dream


The dream, the tent in which is put on a beautiful meadow, means that soon you will need to accompany friends and go with them to a camping, and this adventure will leave a lot of pleasant memories, so you should not deny it.

If the dreamer puts own tent, in reality he will be able to go on holiday abroad, so as at work he will receive a good premium, and with the help of which it will be possible to pay all the costs associated with this fascinating journey. When a person sees himself in a dream, sleeping in a tent, it should prepare him/her for big changes that will occur in life.

If you dream a few tents, this dream means that the person will go on a trip with friends, and it will be very pleasant and memorable journey.

But if your tent is torn by wind and all the tents are scattered around the glade, this dream promises restlessness and anxiety.

Tent, seen in a dream, is a symbol of something temporary and non-permanent, so after such dream you should not sign any documents and make significant investments, as the case may take an unexpected turn.

If you dreamed of a tent, which was about to be blown away by the wind, it means that you will have to cope with the flood of problems, but you will steadfastly take all the turmoil and come out the winner.

When the tent was carried away by a strong gust of wind, the dreamer will face a dilemma, but no matter what option he/she chooses, it will be a failure.

The best solution in this situation is simply to wait for some time.

If you see yourself sleeping in a tent with your beloved one, the dream indicates your impermanence of feelings, so it's best not to rush the wedding and continue the dating, which will likely end up in nothing, since there won’t be any common interests.

If the tent was small, you will have to move to another city and rent tiny housing, but there is no other way, anyway this state is temporary, and soon you will be able to afford something more spacious.

If you see a camping area with many tents, this dream portends a trip with unpleasant people, but you will not be able to refuse and stay at home, as your future career depends on this event.

If a sick person in a dream saw a tent, it promises him/her upcoming hospitalization, so it is better to pay more attention for own health, and visit the hospital as fast as possible, not to bring own body to the state of crisis.

If you see black tent in the dream, it is a sign of negative changes, but they will be temporary, so you should just have to live it out with the help of your hard work and improvement of professional skills.

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