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Thank - Meaning of Dream

If you thank somebody in a dream, it foretells your upcoming meeting with a pleasant person and your affairs will improve.

If you receive thanks from somebody, it means that your expectations will not be fulfilled.

To be a witness of somebody saying thanks portends the fact that you will be offended by people who are far from you at the moment.

If you thank to God in a dream, it is an auspicious sign, meaning that you will have protection of heaven in all affairs.

A dream, where you say “thank you” to your boss, means that he waits for these words in reality as well.

If people thank you and you were blessed by them, it means that soon you will build relationships with everybody whom you were at loggerheads. You will be successful and will gain material stability or even promotion. This dream is a hope for a good perspective. To search for blessing indicates your lack of confidence in own strength and that are not able to find a proper solution. You feel misbalance in your relations.

In your dream you thank and give blessing to somebody, it forebodes that in real life somebody will ask your advice or real help. If you see somebody else giving blessing, it means that a close person will be offended.

To see a blissful person in a dream reflects your need to revise your moral values and to be more kind. You need to look deep inside in order to find love and discover your real nature.