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Thermometer - Meaning of Dream


If you see a thermometer in the dream, the newest dream book, says that you may soon get sick and this disease will be associated with an increase of temperature. Council in this case, is to stick with national treatment.

Eastern dream book interprets such dream, as a harbinger of disease, especially if the thermometer is broken.

If a thermometer is presented as a gift, or you personally buy it, you need to be alert to the possibility that meaningless care will appear from a scratch.

But if you present a thermometer to an individual, it means bringing troubles to him.

If you see in a dream that the thermometer shows a low temperature, in the future you will face very serious quarrels and conflicts that may lead to general deterioration in the psychological state.

Of course, today there are a lot of different dream books that offer different interpretations of a particular dream. But considering a thermometer, all of them agree on one thing, thermometer, is a symbol of the emotional state. Often, the thermometer is seen, if a person in the near future will have family disagreements and problems. Thermometer can also display dissatisfaction with family life or business life.

Esoteric dream book explains such dream, as a signal of necessity to pay attention to own life. It is imperative to take care of your mental state, not to be depressed or fall under the influence of other psychological disorders.

If you hold a thermometer in your hand, and it suddenly falls and breaks, it means that you should be ready for troubles in the nearest future.

In modern dream book thermometer is considered as a sign of instability in relationships.

If a dreamer looks at the thermometer, he/she will have unfavorable development of affairs and family woes. If the thermometer is broken in a dream, it is a warning of impending illness.

If you see that a mercury thermometer rises, it means that you have every reason to hope for a good outcome of the case; if, on the contrary, the mercury drops, your business in the near future will fail.

You should pay attention to dreams, it helps to avoid the hassles and find happiness.

Thermometer in a dream is a sign that you need to be careful with words and deeds, and you shouldn’t act hastily and thoughtlessly. Any wrong step in this dangerous period may lead to the collapse of career, or in the best case, delay of the premium.

Do not forget, that health problems, it is also the reason for seeing thermometer with column of mercury going down. So do not ignore the slightest signs of pain in the body, as it may be a harbingers of more serious diseases, you need to take care of your health timely in order not to get sick.

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