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Thermos - Meaning of Dream


If you dream that you see an empty thermos, it is a symbol of the need and obstacles. On the contrary, a thermos filled with tea or coffee symbolizes prosperity and good luck in business.

A dream in which you are cover a thermos with a lid, after filling it up, means that your life will be easy and lucky.

If you dream how you pour coffee into a thermos, it means that your feelings to your loved one begin to cool down and you try to renew it. This dream portends that your efforts to have good relationship won’t be successful, and the result will be temporal. You will briefly feel satisfaction, and finally your feelings will fade.

If you pour hot drink out of thermos, it means that soon your family will face serious problems, and this situation will cause a big disappointment.

If you, by instance, break a thermos it means that you will lose patience and will burst with emotions which will lead to serious consequences. After this dream, you need to control your emotions, in order to prevent yourself from doing unconscious act.

Esoteric dream book of different nations of the world, interpret thermos as a sign of conspiracy against the dreamer, but only in case there is an empty thermos in the dream. If in the process of the dream you put something in thermos, it's likely that you will face some threat or minor troubles.

If you pour or take something out of thermos, it is a sign of a shame and embarrassment, which you cause to your close people.

If you put or try to hide jewelry in a thermos, it is a sign of your economic nature. Most likely your subconscious hints you to provide yourself with all necessary things, as there are upcoming hard times, which will affect you greatly.

If you see unknown object in a thermos, it means that you will be involved in adventure. You must be careful not to get involved in various intrigues and conspiracies. This will not bring you any good results. In addition, if you dream of a thermos without content, you will have some upcoming changes in life. They can be bad and good.

Dream book gives interpretations, assuring that the dream will most likely cause you impending troubles and idle tasks with wasting time.

If you see many thermoses it means that you will have quarrels with your friends and relatives. Must restrain your emotions, especially nervous breakdowns, and do not succumb to bad mood.

Finally, if you see a thermos filled with water or other liquid, then it means that you will be surprised. In other words, someone will help you to fulfill your dreams, which you had forgotten, or wanted to implement it later. Thus, the dreamer will have only the best and most positive future. Better to get ready.

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