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Thief - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming as if a thief got into your house advises to urgently correct the mistakes of the past, otherwise it will remind about itself for the rest of your life. If you managed to catch a thief, it is a favorable dream, predicting that your enterprise and energy should certainly find an outlet for itself. Now the main thing is not to miss the right moment, remember: you can afford absolutely any business.

If you dream that a thief stole your favorite jewelry, you should have a closer look at people in your environment: it seems that there is a liar and a traitor in the company of your friends. Do everything possible in order to find the slicker, otherwise you will not be able to sleep at night.

Dreaming of stolen item is a warning: open your eyes wider and do not relax, someone you know is hatching nefarious plans and wants to take your valuables. Along the way, this unkind person can inadvertently reveal the secret that you have carefully kept for many years.

If you dream of yourself being a successful detective, then in foreseeable future you will gain family happiness and financial independence.

If you are a thief, probably your soul wants more peace and tranquility. Do not worry, this dream promises that all the difficulties encountered will be soon resolved.

If you dream of a thief running from the crime scene, it indicates that you are at a crossroads: you can’t find the answers to many questions.

Hustler in a dream is a caveat: someone is trying to harm you.

A thief who is quietly sneaks into the house bodes your self-confidence and success in business.

If you were robbed in a dream, you will know who your enemies are and what their plans are; for a girl, this dream can be a harbinger of someone's anger and envy.

If you were robbed on a grand scale, having virtually nothing after that, it is a good sign, it promises you favorable deals, and success in contracts.

Theft in a public place will lead you to bankruptcy; if you steal from yourself, it means loss or decline in business.

If you buy stolen things in a dream, it foretells that you can achieve someone's favor.