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Thirst - Meaning of Dream

Being thirsty in your dream refers to different occasions in your life in different spheres. Let’s have a closer look to which in particular.

If you were thirsty in your dream, it signifies that you strive to reach the heights which are unattainable for you now. You are a person who is not afraid of challenges. If you have set some goal, you will stop at nothing, no matter how unreal it is. Good for you! Such ability helps us to develop when we try to reach something beyond the clouds. Even though you don’t succeed during some time, you are already a head taller than anybody who has already gained an easily attainable goal. This struggle will bring you not only fame, income, a promotion, but invaluable knowledge, experience and wisdom as well. With such an approach, you will gain everything you want in your life.

Such a dream can also betoken bankruptcy, serious financial hardship, etc.

It has one more interpretation though. A dream in which you were thirsty foretokens meeting with a person who will be like a sip of cool fresh water for you. This person will fill your brain with branding new knowledge that is not only exciting but informative and useful.

Satisfying your thirst with tasty beverage is a sign that you will necessarily reach your goals. If you have some ideas on your mind, don’t wait. Start bringing them to life. Success will not keep you waiting.

If you were thirsty but you couldn’t find any means to satisfy your need in a dream, it characterizes you as a person who is focused on material values only. You are lacking in mental development and communication, your world outlook is too narrow for an average educated person of your age. The worst thing is that you don’t even want to broaden your horizons. Maybe, such traits of character don’t restrict your ambitions anyway and you will become a successful person in your sphere, but it will hardly make you happy for long. Usually, it is dubious and short-lived happiness.

Satisfying your thirst with spring water in your dream stands for spiritual self-perfecting and sound health. You always try to improve yourself as a person – spiritually and physically. If you had an opposite dream (in which you have been satisfying your thirst with stagnant water), it characterizes you as a rather mean person. Maybe, this dream is a sign to reconsider your attitude to people and world in general because everything will catch up with you sooner or later.