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Thorn - Meaning of Dream

A thorn portends obstacles and challenges in business. Any object which appears with thorns in a dream may have various combinations of interpretation.

A dream is one of the most enjoyable parts of life associated with rest. But even this pleasant part may cause worries and concerns.

So, if you dream that you scratched or pricked yourself with a thorn, the dream portends a loss of some merit and conquests, which you will have to regain.

Falling onto thorns portends unexpected mad love at first sight. Thus, not all thorns portend trouble; it can also bring crazy love, happiness or disappointment to the end of the life.

If you got trapped in the thorny hedge, this indicates problems with business partners, colleagues at work or jealousy and strife in personal life.

If you pull the spines out of your body, you might face complications and obstacles related to plans and intended affairs. Crown of thorns on your head indicates anguish of body and mind.

A fluent analysis of these dream interpretations as always reveals a variety of meanings. For the most part all the interpretations are given as intuitive ideas about this phenomenon. Basically thorns in a dream warn of errors; and in some dream books – the failure in love, and unrequited feelings.

If you prick yourself till bleeding, you should be prepared for more significant troubles that may have an impact on your existing state.

A thorn is associated by many people with something unpleasant, so you may understand intuitively that this dream foretells difficulties in the implementation of plans. On the other hand, the barb is not something grandly catastrophic, so do not anticipate big disasters after this dream.