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Thriller - Meaning of Dream

Film in the genre of "thriller", as a rule is evidence of emotional or physical fatigue. To see a thriller on TV in a dream means that you are not interested in anything, therefore this dream warns you, if you don’t change your point of view, it will bother you in life.

A dream, in which you endlessly watch some thriller, means that your mind can cope with nervous stress with great difficulty. Be very cautious; take care of yourself, after such a dream you have to ponder seriously over recreation.

If scenes from the movie were perceived as reality, it means that you are anxious and worried about life circumstances which you can not change.

For a woman such a dream is a warning: it is unacceptable to behave relaxed and lightly in the company of men, as they can consider this behavior to be licentious, and there is a risk of a serious trouble.

If you are an author or director of a thriller movie - apparently you are tired of monotonous and repetitive everyday life and want to somehow diversify your sad existence. For women, such a dream foretells a quick and happy marriage.

According to dream book by Miller, if you watch a thriller and see how aggressive protagonist casts evil, most likely, in reality you are passive and unenterprising person. If you need to make urgent decisions you perceive it as a real tragedy. You are used to playing supporting roles and you can’t imagine different life. If you are satisfied with this kind of life, continue the slow drift; but if you want to change the destiny, then become more active, sometimes you may even need to risk.

If you are the main character of a thriller, it is evidence that in reality you stand up for justice and truth. For the sake of your principles, you are ready to act decisively, overcoming any obstacles, neglecting other people's feelings, and annoy them with your behavior. This dream advises to be more kind to others, and at least sometimes strike a compromise.

If you are a hero of a thriller, in real life you suffer from your principles. You don’t need to be a man of principle. For a lady, such a dream shows that she flirts too much, and it can be interpreted wrong by surrounding.