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Throne - Meaning of Dream


Throne in a dream determines your position in society, and indicates the level of your well-being. The more beautiful, richer and safer is a throne in your dream, the more benefits the dream promises to you. Broken, battered, mutilated, decomposed throne in a dream portends bad change, poverty, troubles, and worries.

If you descend from your throne in a dream, it is a sign of change of position, loss of influence or power. Often this dream foretells the change of your social status. Unusual throne in a dream means that you will find yourself in a strange situation or will be confused.

If you see yourself sitting on the throne in a dream, it is a sign of prosperity and wealth.

Throne in a dream can mean a change in mood - today you might be glad and careless, and tomorrow - grim. Also, the throne could mean that life ups and downs may prevent from achieving of the sense of balance.

If you see the dream, where you are a ruler on a throne, it means that in real life you will encounter obstacles on the way for implementation of your plans. If you dream of a ruler, who is joking and smiling, it may indicate that an important affair may become a small and insignificant event at one moment.

According to medieval dream books a dream, in which you see yourself as a ruler on a throne, can mean respect and honor from other people.

If you dream that you have left your throne and lead your people on a long journey, this dream is a sign of a sudden, great happiness, which will happen soon.

If you bow at the feet of the ruler in a dream, it means that in real life you will have a great wealth. Dreams can be a reminder of the past. Sometimes, it can come true only in a few years. Some of them remain as mysterious and mystical dreams. The interpretations in dream books reveal the mystery of the dream with a ruler on the throne.

The governor on a throne is particularly important and strong. Therefore dreams, in which you see such image, may represent the level of seriousness and reliability of the dreamer. That is your attitude to some very important business, which is central and vital in your life.

If you dream of a strict and serious ruler on a throne, it is a sign that you have certain duties in real life, but you haven’t yet implemented it in life. However, this duty is constantly bothering you it causes you heavy thoughts. If you want to get rid of such consequences of the dream, you better tell the story of it to someone from your close surroundings, when you wake up.

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