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Throw out - Meaning of Dream

If you had a dream as if you were throwing things out, be ready for housing repairs, even minor, or move out to a new place of residence. If you feel sorry for the things you threw, it forebodes that you will easily overcome changes in the real life, and will even be happy with its consequences. But, if you threw something with fun, then you will be upset because of the fact that everything will develop against your plans and expectations.

If you see that you throw garbage, you will free yourself from the burden of some old guilt. If you threw something valuable or food, it means that soon your life aspirations will change.

If you threw some old stuff or unnecessary rags, you will up outdated relationships or work. You need to part with own past and prepare yourself for the future relationship or a new job.

According to Freud dream book, throwing things foretells rupture of relations, which have been a significant part of your life. If you throw these things without regret, the same feeling you will have in real life. If you throw a mask, be ready for a new sexual partner who will help you to diversify your life.

If you throw an old unnecessary broom, in real life you are tired of someone, and you want to avoid meeting with him/her. Perhaps, something irritates you and you can’t find the solution. No need to worry, the situation should change soon, and you will only have to take advantage of it.