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Throw - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you throw something, it foretells the fulfillment of your dreams. It is necessary to recall what the object you throw was, for the better interpretation.

If you throw stones, it foretells difficulties in goal achievement; if you throw it in the air, it portends you a romantic date/adventure. Try to make the biggest use of it, and gain experience.

To throw a grenade means that in real life you are the source of rumors. Perhaps you need to change your behavior or surrounding.

If you dig a pit and throw ground out of it, this dream tells you to warn somebody about a danger. If you know some additional information, you better share it with others in order to prevent troubles.

If you throw something from a kitchen counter, it is an indication of dissemblers present in your life, who try to harm you. If you give up doing what you do now there is a chance of conflict situation, you might be slandered.

To throw things and break them on the floor means that you will have losses in real life, loss of property.

To throw beads all over the place foretells you the loss of respect from your friends.

To throw acorn from a tree means that all your plans in business and love will come true.

If a horse throws you on the ground, it tells that your fate will test you by serious competitors or difficult disease.

If you take off clothes and throw it on the floor, it means that you have a great desire to manage all responsibilities you take.