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Thunderstorm - Meaning of Dream

Based on the dream book of Vanga, thunderstorm in a dream is a manifestation of the will of God. If a person is afraid of thunderstorms, it means that he/she made a sin in life and it needs to be corrected.

To get wet in heavy rain in a dream foretells speedy settlement of conflicts and contradictions in everyday life.

To dream that you see a storm far away; or if everybody is getting wet because of rain, and you are completely dry, it bodes that thanks to the quirky mind, you will be able to stave off the irrational anger of your management.

Lightning foreshadows unexpected news. But if you see thunderstorm and flood, you have to prepare for disaster, from which you will significantly suffer.

According to various interpretations, thunderstorm in a dream is a sign of the coming misfortunes and troubles.

If a storm is dry - then with some effort you can stay a winner in present situation.

If the sky is dark and gloomy, there might be problems in your career.

Lightning which appears on overcast sky forebodes changes, if it accompanied with heavy downpour - the changes are not very successful, if the weather is quiet – the situation will get better.

Taflisi dream book argues that thunderstorm for a rich man foretells poverty; for a poor dreamer, on contrary it marks the improvement of living conditions.

But there are also positive aspects. For example, according to Freud, to hear the sounds of thunderstorm or see it foretells manifestation of passion from long-known person, and such behavior will be a surprise for a dreamer.

Old dream interpretation of Zhou Gouna explains thunderstorm as following: if the weather is gloomy, there is slush and rain - then you should expect trouble. If a traveler on a long journey gets into the rain - the dream brings joy, entertainment and drinks. Deafening thunder is a sign of promotion; to be afraid of thunder in a dream - to implement the desires in reality, success in love affairs. If lightning strikes you, it is a symbol of wealth, to be lit by lightning – upcoming happiness.

Thunderstorm portends fun; stunning thunder - rise through the ranks and success in business. However, the inability to escape from the thunderstorm bodes deteriorating financial wellbeing.

Thunder, lightning and rain together mean unpleasant conversation and terrible odds, distant thunder - marks bad news from afar.

From the standpoint of esotericism, a dream about thunderstorm, which inspires fear, is a sign of fun, honor, glory, triumph and all the best.

If you dream of a thunderstorm which is beautiful and mesmerizing, in reality you have events that will cause delight and admiration.