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Ticket - Meaning of Dream

Ticket in dreams has many different meanings. Mostly it depends on the purpose for which it was purchased and what are the events that follow it.

Ticket for any kind of transport indicates separation from family or loved one. Movie or concert ticket heralds interesting acquaintance that can grow into a future romantic adventure.

Lottery ticket stimulates to risky adventures, and everything what you have planned will have a chance to become a reality.

If you see a bunch of tickets, according to a dream book by Miller, it heralds a series of monotonous activities that do not bring you satisfaction, but will be adequately paid.

Examination tickets warn about the need to work on and develop own moral qualities.

If you buy tickets not only for yourself but also for your friends, you will have a wonderful pastime and recreation in a pleasant company.

Vanga said, if you tear a ticket in a dream, it is a harbinger of many problems with the judicial authorities.

To find yourself in a transport without a ticket means the disruption of normal order of things in your life. Someone can ruin your plans and force to do something what you actually don’t like.

If you dream you bought a ticket from scalpers, in reality you will have the risk of making rash decisions.

Freud mentioned that if you receive a ticket as a present, you will soon get married with a young man and will have a happy life. To pay membership fees is not exactly a good sign; this dream means that in the sexual life you don’t experiencing anything new for a long time.

Losing ticket in a dream is a sign of parting with a dear person. If you dream you got a ticket to the celebration or to a concert, then soon you will have plenty of fans. For those who are married, this dream heralds the appearance of intrigues.

Ticket for a transport means an upcoming travel, and also a warning of possibility to catch some disease. If you look for a job in real life, such a dream means that your efforts will be successful.

To buy a ticket in a dream means that you need to change your way of life very soon, otherwise you will be tired of everything very soon. If you buy tickets from middleman – you will perform rash actions.

If you use transport without a ticket – you will not be self-confident and success will leave you.

In a dream you see a bank bill – beware of problems with health, and the higher is the price on the bill, the more problems you will have.

To see a ticket to a theater in a dream is a good sign, you will have celebrations, festive events and exciting activities.