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Tiger - Meaning of Dream


Tiger is a very complicated character in a dream; it can be a harbinger of bad and good. A lot depends on the behavior of the tiger and the color of his skin - white or red. White tiger is a very auspicious sign. It is an evidence of either a powerful patron in your life, or the presence of a good friend who always supports you. Sometimes the dream can also say that you have dealt with all of your inner doubts and took some important decision.

If you see a bright red tiger in your dream, on the contrary, it means danger or threatening situation. In order to understand more, what this danger will be connected with, it is important to recall the details of a tiger’s behavior.

If a tiger did not do anything, but just looked at you, it means that threat will appear from nowhere. In the near future try not to make any crucial decisions.

If a tiger attacks you, be ready for a lot of problems in your life. It could also mean that you have a very strong opponent, or even an enemy.

If you dream of a sleeping tiger it is a good sign. So, whatever the problem you have, you will be able to cope with it. Bad if a tiger wakes up. This indicates the emergence of new obstacles, quarrels and conflicts.

If you're hunting a tiger, it means that now you are actively struggling with some problem, either at work or in your personal life. This can be connected with love affairs or with ability to be promoted. The result of your struggle depends on the result of a hunt.

If you shoot a tiger, then everything will be fine, but if he attacks you, it means that you should better hold your aspirations to a better time.

If your dream finished and there wasn’t any result of your hunt and you continued hunting, it means that in the near you shouldn’t expect any results from your undertakings.

In a dream you see a tiger which dies, or already dead – it is a bad sign. The hidden danger is gradually accumulated and can affect you at any time. Be careful at work. The earlier you notice it the easier it will be for you to cope with it.

If you dream of a tiger walking towards you, it is necessary to prepare for the machinations of enemies; they will try to annoy you in all possible ways.

The interpretation of a direct grappling with a tiger depends on the outcome of the fight, which symbolizes the destiny of your ideas or project. If the victory is yours, no matter, whether a tiger escaped or died in the fight, it's a good omen. But if the winner is a tiger, it is best to prepare for the possibility of failure in real life. If after the battle a tiger runs away, you will be happy.

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