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Tights - Meaning of Dream

Tights in a dream are a symbol of love and comfort. For a woman, to wear tights in a dream means to experience the increased interest of men in upcoming future. She will receive a few interesting proposals, among which will be a marriage proposal. But she must be prudent and very attentive to all the fans, not to be mistaken in her choice, because a good looking man may have an empty soul.

If you select tights in a shop with your friends, this is a sign of carelessness and negligence.

In Miller’s interpretation, newly bought tight symbolize acquisitions of high-quality clothing and art. A man who takes off woman’s tights will have an office romance soon. If he sees a lot of multicolored tights, the dream warns that his love affairs will be the object for public discussion.

Torn tights in Vanga’s interpretation portend gossip and groundless hex, which will prevent the implementation of your plans for a long time. In addition, this dream foretells unexpected waste and loss.

If you admired the white tights and wore them, then you will face serious illness. Children tights portend many household chores.

According to Freud, if you take off your tights, it tells that you expose own feelings for an unworthy person. If you tore tights in the process of wearing them, you might experience enemies’ slander because they want to separate you from a loved one.

If you wash tights, this is a bad sign - your partner will suspect you of treason and you’ll have to spend a long time to prove own innocence.

If you dreamed that you were darning tights, it tells that in attempt to reconcile with a loved one, you will fail. Any tights symbolize female chastity and honor; if you lose them in a dream, you will lose the respect from people around.

If you dream of old tights, get ready for a meeting with deceitful hypocrite.