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Time - Meaning of Dream

Time in a dream can indicate signs of nature. Time of day indirectly reflects the age or perspective in business. For example, the ambiguity of the situation is night.

Morning or dawn means youth, hope, and new beginnings. Day indicates maturity and stability in affairs. Early evening is mid-life, a reflection of the completion of affairs. Late evening, or night means old age, infertility of affairs.

Time (days, years) mostly emphasizes the literal meaning of what is happening in the life of a dreamer. Winter - stagnation, inactivity, frozen period, alienation. Spring - is an awakening, activity, flowering, good development of matters, and successful initiative. Summer - maturity, numerous deeds, vacation (rest and relaxation). Autumn means results, fruits, gifts, decoration, drop, wilting.

Night, darkness indicates the position of hopelessness of real situation.

Light day - good luck, clarity of purpose and thought.

Morning - a good beginning, favor, reality of plans.

Time as the duration of the events sometimes keeps attention on place, details, action. For example, "run in a dream" and still "stick", brake, solidify in place – means the duration of problems. Eating in a dream, particularly chewing has a similar meaning: small troubles. On the contrary, the speed, immediacy of events and various transformations indicates - surprise, suddenness, and transience of events and feelings of a dreamer in real life.

A bright sunny day in a dream promises you a new acquaintance in reality.

Gray, overcast and rainy day –means loss or obstacles in business.

If events in your dream unfold during the day, it is a good sign, even if the rest of the characters have a negative interpretation, unlike the events that occur early in the morning or at night.

Very long night in a dream is a sign of meeting with unpleasant person. Evening in a dream, and all the events associated with it - is a good sign that promises you to turn things for the better, the end of trouble.