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Tongue - Meaning of Dream

Tongue is a symbol of speech, the ability to pronounce words and talk to other people. It is directly linked with the possibility of communication. There are many proverbs and sayings about tongue, for example evil tongues and so on. With the help of it you can easily trace association with personality features such as talkativeness, tendency to spread gossip and rumors, even slander.

Therefore, if you dream of a tongue, it means that you will find yourself in the midst of a scandal or serious quarrel. The dream will come true if you saw a tongue of a stranger.

Be careful, otherwise your reputation can be badly affected. Think over your actions before you do it.

If you dream of own tongue, it's a sign that people may turn their backs on you. The reason for this may be the incantations and the machinations of your enemies. Try to create yourself a good reputation by doing good deeds. Perhaps then your enemies will fail to slander you.

If you dream of injured tongue, it is a sign that you better restrain your talkativeness; it will not lead you to the good. If you talk too much people might build an impression of you that you are not very intelligent person. Better think twice and carefully about what you want to say. Remember that if you are telling stories that have no relation to reality, people may become angry about it, avoid such situations.

If the tongue is unnaturally long, you will face troubles in the future. Perhaps you will remember the past days with regret.

If you try to turn the tongue in your mouth, but nothing works out, it is a sign that, in response to allegations made to you, you won’t be able to come up with a reasoned justification. If the tongue in a dream sores or swollen - you'll dissolve gossip about friends, that eventually will pay for.

Tongue in the dream book by Miller. Dreamed tongue represents quarrels, which you will provoke. Because of you there might be a misunderstanding between friends and loved ones. If you see your tongue in wounds and cuts, it means that you will have troubles because of your impartial behavior and excessive talkativeness.

Tongue in the dream book by Vanga. If you see a lot of long tongues, it is a sign of a large corporate event. If your tongue was elongated and sharp in the dream, it is a sign of public speech in front of a large audience. If someone closes your mouth in the dream, it means that you are destined to be a witness of someone else's secrets.

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