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Toothless - Meaning of Dream

If you see yourself toothless, it means that in real life you will have some financial losses. This dream also indicates the absence of perspective to move up the career ladder. It is possible that sudden disease will distract your plans. In a dream you see a toothless man, you will surpass yourself and surprise your evil-wishers.

To see toothless woman in a dream, means that some unpleasant person will try to enmesh you with marriage bonds, but it will be unsuccessful.

Toothless grandparents mean that some annoying facts from your past will be revealed to your surroundings. To see a toothless spouse – means theft.

To see artificial teeth in your mouth means that you need to be ready for a new test in life, you will need to try hard in order to manage it.

If somebody pulls your tooth out in your dream – in real life all your hard work will be “crossed” , therefore you need to be more serious with your affairs, because some of your competitors want to interrupt it.

If your teeth are damaged – your work and health will be in danger.

If you spit out your tooth, it means that some of your relatives will lapse into illness.

If you see that all of your teeth have fallen out – this dream warns you about bad period in life.

If a toothless person is aggressive with you, do not worry, it means that your opponents become weak, and your strength rises, on the contrary.

Toothless person in a dream book by Miller is the reflection of your complete inability to reach career growth. Toothless stranger means that you are strong and can resist your detractors. Nothing will work out and they will quickly get tired of own tricks.

Toothless person, according to Vanga, presages loss of stability. Treat this dream as a warning and try to avoid negative life situations and conflicts.