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Torch - Meaning of Dream


If in the dream you were holding and carrying a torch in your hand, it is a sign that you will gain victory very soon. The goal which you tried to achieve for so long will finally be fulfilled and will bring satisfaction and joy.

If you dream that you are walking through a dark tunnel and holding a torch, it means that you don’t know anything about your future and your plans; the luck has abandoned your affairs, but you still are looking for a change for the better. The main thing is not to be despaired and not to drop the torch of hope out of the hands.

of people who are holding torches, while going through the cave, illuminating their rock painting, it suggests that soon you will travel on the ancient sights.

If you see a person running towards you with the torch in his hands, it is a sign that soon you will have to do a responsible job. The main thing is not to go into the shadows, but show courage and own extraordinary abilities.

If a man sees in a dream a flaming torch, it means that he performs his family responsibilities without care and proper attention. If he sees that torch went out, it is a warning that competitors can considerably damage the business. If he sees several torches fading one by one, it is a sign of the danger of complete ruin.

If a man sees in a dream that someone extinguishes the torch, it is a sign of health problem, so he should consult a doctor immediately. If he lights a torch, he will face a quarrel with his wife or relatives.

If someone in man’s dream lights a torch, and he just watched, it is a sign of personal worries; if someone from the family lights the torch, it means cooling of relations with wife. In many dream books you can find information about the torch meaning, but in order to make it more specific you need to interpret the dream in details.

You can learn more also from the dream book of great philosopher Freud, who had his own opinion and facts about the dream. According to his dream book, if you were carrying a flaming torch, it means that you will be disappointed in a person who is very dear to you. Maybe it will happen because he/she commits some act which, at first glance, will mean nothing by itself, but will be an important indicator for you. If the flame is extinguished in a dream, it means that in the reality you will get bored, if you do not undertake anything to make your love with your partner vivid, and prevent it turn into a chore. There is always a risk of suffering from the monotony of sexual life, and only the strongest couples can avoid the threat of boredom.

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