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Tortoise - Meaning of Dream

Tortoise is a symbol of wisdom and longevity, as well as good luck and prosperity. However, despite such a pleasant interpretation, this animal can be seen in a dream as a bad omen.

In order to understand what it means, you need to know every detail of the dream, and recall it in the memory when you wake up.

If you dreamed of a very large and beautiful tortoise, it can be confident as upcoming financial improvement. This dream may also herald great wealth, which can appear quite suddenly. So, you have to be prepared to accept gifts of fate.

If a woman dreams of a tortoise, it portends her great success in personal life.

But if you catch or even have caught a tortoise, it is a sign of mourning and unexpected losses, which is related to death of a close person.

If you tried and still couldn’t catch this animal, in reality you might feel sick and everything will end up in protracted illness.

In general, the dream about tortoise means a lot of happiness and endless success. Because you are able to gain everything you want without anybody’s help, thus you can change your destiny alone.

If you dreamed of a tortoise, which is not afraid of you and it doesn’t try to escape from you, it promises big changes in life, as well as an unexpected event that can bring you endless pleasure and joy. After all, this dream foretells fast income and wealth.

However, there are other interpretations, where you can find out that tortoise is a sign of an addition to the family, especially if you dream of baby tortoises – you will become pregnant.

Moreover, if a girl dreams of a tortoise, not a fish, it's guaranteed that a child to be born healthy and very beautiful. Of course, in order to make it happen, during pregnancy she should not forget all the rules that women should follow.

If you see a tortoise, which is slowly swimming in water, it is a sign that you will have a long life.

Tortoise is a symbol that the dreamer is very lazy and does not want to do anything to achieve the desired. Procrastination and laziness are the bad qualities and it should be eradicated. Sometimes it is useful to set a goal and try to do at least something in order to achieve it.

If you watch how a tortoise is swimming in the water, it is a sign that you have to be patient, as now it is time for waiting. If you dream that a tortoise swims with somebody in a race, then in reality you will be able to overtake competitors alone. If somebody decides to help you, he/she will only hinder you. You need to understand the situation and explain what he/she should better do.

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