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Tourist - Meaning of Dream

During the dream you may see a lot of events or visit many different places. Therefore, if you see yourself in a role of a tourist in your dream, it means that you will take part or even manage an interesting project at work, which may bring you a significant profit, but also it will make you to move far away from your home or even native land.

If you dream of other people as tourists in a big quantity, it means that you matters might be troublesome or messy without proper management, and your love affairs will also suffer for reasons unknown to you. You will try to find a new working place, but your efforts will be done in vain. So, it is better to wait for some time, till better time in your life come. And you relations with a love partner will be unstable, because of your indecision in love. You need to decide what you want from your partner, and figure out, what he/she needs from you. Then, it will be easier to live together and respect each other’s wishes.

In you see yourself in a dream when packing bags with the attempt to go somewhere on vacation or permanent residence, such a dream means some changes in your life.

If this process was accompanied with joy because of anticipation to visit beautiful and magnificent places on the planet, then this dream predicts positive future events. Tears from the thoughts of parting with loved ones while traveling, it is an indication that the changes could lead to negative situations.

If you were packing luggage, consisting of several bags, then events will take place for a long time. One bag, seen on tourist back means the transience of the situation.

If you want to interpret your dream more precisely, you have to recall what the color of the bag was, as well as its quality and what it contained. Thus, if it is brown, then changes are severe. If it's red, something in your life will be quick passing. If it is blue – the situation needs to be well thought out. Black suitcase indicates that life situations the dreamer are the result of his/her thoughts, and thus it id unnecessary to be afraid of the future. White traveling bag is an indication of the pleasing situation that will occur in the near future. Yellow or beige predicts stability.

If you traveling bag is made ​​of leather, it is a sign if tears and emotions, as well as vain fears. If it was leather substitute, it means that the situation was created by someone artificially and will finish as it had begun, without affecting your nervous system.

Tourist with a handbag is an indication of the strength of relationships with those around the dreamer, and hence his/her security in the future.