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Tower - Meaning of Dream

Mostly narcissistic people see towers in their dreams. Also dreamer’s nature can be characterized as all-sufficient, strong in spirit and successful.

If in a dream you see a lot of towers, it means that you will soon have extraordinary acquaintance.

If you see an imposing castle with good strengthening towers in a dream, it means that in real life you will have influential success.

To stand on the roof of a tower means that soon you will be promoted and climb up the career ladder very fast. You will reach incredible height in society.

If you jump from the top of a tower and don’t hurt yourself, it means that in real life you will have some duties, which requires great responsibility. Only you can influence the result of those events.

If you turn a tower into ruins, it is a sign of a great confusion, which will happen to you. After that you will have disorder and lamentable outcome of affairs. To stand in the ruins of a tower means to destroy own happiness.

In a dream a tower falls down – be ready for fights, troubles and chaos in life. Also, it is a sign of your dissatisfaction in intimate life.

To see Eifel tower means to receive news from distant relatives and friends. To stand on the top of Eifel tower means to receive new knowledge, wisdom and practical experience from a long trip.

To fall down from Eifel tower means that you don’t appreciate own life, try to be more prudent. To climb Eifel tower means that you will be promoted or will receive a heritage. Anyways your life will significantly change.

To see an old tower is a bad sign. It means that soon something will happen, where you will show your stubbornness. You will have a spirit of contradiction, which will not let you follow a good advice. Not only you will suffer from it, but also a person who gave you an advice will be offended and will not communicate with you anymore. It is better to listen to that useful advice.

In some interpretations tower – symbolizes rise of feelings, overcoming of obstacles and unreachable dreams.

If you see a tower but you can’t come closer, it means that you will meet very significant person, politician or financial magnate.

Sand tower washed away with coastal wave is a symbol of deep disappointment, unnecessary efforts and empty fantasies.

If you build a tower and carry big stones in real life you will overcome all obstacles and will managed all plans.