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Trading - Meaning of Dream


According to rigorous statistics - a person gives about a third of life to dreams. That's why people are very interested in the existence of a dream, which, often do not even remember in the morning.

Among many different dreams, you might have one involving trading. Since ancient times, people thought a lot what does it mean. That is how national, religious, mystical, and then scientific psychological dream books appear. In any case, all of them are created by observing and comparing dreams with facts in real life.

It is interesting to know how people treat trade in different religions all over the world.

After all, it is also a reflection of the mystical world. Christians mainly are against this kind of activity. Buddhism is strongly against any type of business activity, especially against the trade, but Islam does not prohibit the trade and even encourages it.

We can only guess whether the dream about trade is different for representatives of various religions, because dream book do not pay attention to it, so we can refer to the main of them.

One of the old-style dream books is a dream interpretation book by Miller. It says that trade means anxiety, restlessness, and all sorts of trouble. Unfortunately, the dream in this case is not very precise and doesn’t specify what you trade, how you trade, etc.

Other dream books concretize: trading fruits - is to try to regain the lost, by the means of various scams and questionable speculation.

Dream Interpretation book by Medea also warns that if a person dreams that he/she trades something, he/she should watch out for upcoming deception when signing any agreement. Subconsciously trade is implied to be wickedness that is partly true.

Esoteric dream book says that if you trade – you will lose everything you gain recently in life. After seeing such a dream, you should not attempt to extract excessive benefits from your present position.

Interpretation in a dream book by Velez looks like an exceptions, because if you have a successful trade in a dream, it means that you will be able to get rid of problems and may even recover.

Modern dream book says that trade in a dream is a good harbinger. It is a symbol of success in business and foreshadows career growth and self-realization.

If you trade something forbidden from under the table, it means that you will have material losses. Dreaming of selling books means that you will receive desired information.

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